1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28/X77

The car is a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28/X77 series. It was drag raced for about twenty years with a Big Block Chevrolet engine & a Dana 60 Chrysler rear-end. I had tried to purchase the car for about 5 years with no success until the gentleman that owned it decided to get married. I ended up with the car in 1992 less motor & transmission for $1500.00. These cars were only available with a 302 engine,4 speed transmission & a 12 bolt differential. AC & A/T transmission was not available on these cars. It took a few years to find correct components to put the car back to stock appearance. The 302 cid Engine has a 4 inch bore,3 inch stroke, came with aluminum intake manifold & a 780 Holley Carburetor from the factory. The cars were designed to race the Trans Am series which is still a road racing circuit today. Since the engine was short stroked it had to turn a lot of RPM to make the most horsepower. The reason I wanted this car to restore is I had another one when I was in high school & I had it when I met my wife Rheba. It’s just a driver but we really enjoy the car. The is the original color & striping  along with the vinyl interior. I’m in the process of doing some background history on the car. Hopefully I will have a follow up later on this.