Annual Henderson Family Service Award

Jim Henderson and his family are long standing members of the Deep South Region AACA. They have given generously of their time, talent and treasure over the years and are dedicated to the restoration and preservation of antique cars.

Throughout the years, Jim Henderson might be found supervising the construction of the addition to our building, cleaning the grounds, or maintaining the clubhouse. 

Jim’s late son, Scott Henderson could always be found helping behind the scenes to make any event successful, whether it was a cookout, car show, or parade. He even guarded a national car show all night. He was always willing to jump in and help without being asked or assigned a task.

The Hendersons are also active in the AACA at the regional and national levels. Their upstanding characters and warm personalities are always welcome additions to every event they attend. This award is given to honor their many contributions to the Deep South Region of AACA and their dedication to the antique car hobby.

Each year, a committee appointed by the President will nominate and choose the recipient of this award. A plaque is presented annually at the Deep South Region year end party to a member that is in good standing and has given of their time, talent, and resources throughout the year to help promote the Deep South Region AACA and the antique car hobby at local, regional, and national levels.  

2022 Sasha Thatcher
2021 - Rheba Chaudron
2020 - Charlotte Dahlenburg
2019 - Walt & Martha Fuller
2018 - David Ladnier