2022 Events

Deep South Region Tour to the Cars of Yesteryears Museum

December 10

With Christmas drawing near, members of the DSR found time for one more quick outing.  A few intrepid tourists braved the cold wet weather to join the Mississippi Coast Corvette Club in a trek to Metairie, Louisiana, for a tour of Henry Shane’s Cars of Yesteryears Museum.  Those who attended said that this museum was really first class, and the Activities Committee is already planning another trip to the museum for the DSR in 2023.   Of course, it would not be a DSR event without a great meal, so everyone stopped at Middendorf’s Seafood Restaurant in Slidell for lunch on their way back home.

Deep South Region Christmas Party & Awards Ceremony

December 10

The DSR held its annual Christmas Party and Awards Ceremony on December 10th.  The banquet room at Wintzell’s Oyster House on Airport Boulevard in west Mobile, was the perfect setting for a celebration, and it was filled to capacity on this beautiful evening.

Martha Fuller, Rheba Chaudron, Belinda Rooney, Debbie Bright and Deana Landry went out of their way to make the event special with cute antique car centerpieces complete with working Christmas lights and fabulous door prizes for every person in attendance.  Guests were also treated to custom made sugar cookie favors designed to look like Model A’s, Model T’s and Mustangs.

President-elect, Zeno Chaudron introduced the 2023 officers, and the annual awards were handed out.  Sasha Thatcher received the Henderson Family Service Award for her work as treasurer, and the Ray Harper Restoration Award, went to Walt & Martha Fuller.

Deep South Region Christmas Brunch

December 3
One of the club’s favorite events each year is the annual Christmas Brunch.  With several local Christmas parades scheduled for the morning of the 3rd, the event was held as an open-house, so members could participate in the brunch without missing out on the parades.

Twenty members of the club enjoyed a delicious brunch of fresh fruit, sausage, donuts and several breakfast casseroles.  The brunch is also a chance for the club to support the Ronald McDonald House in Mobile through a donation drive, and club members raised more than $2000 in gifts and cash donations for this worthy cause.

Thank you to everyone who donated in person or online, and a special thank you to John and Debbie Bright for loading all of our gifts into your “sleigh” and delivering them to Ronald McDonald House!

Deep South Region’s First Cruise-In

October 8
DSR held it’s first Cruise-In at the Clubhouse. The purpose of the event was to recruit new club members. With cars coming and going, we had around 15 cars lined up along Zeigler Blvd. Some who attended were club members, some were former members and some were new. We got at least one former member to rejoin and at least one new member. It was very nice to see Ed Grimes and son Eddie. I wish they had brought one of the t-birds.
The weather which had been clear all day, started to get cloudy as the event progressed. Heavy dark clouds started building in the west. Regardless, people were strolling around and snooping into everyone else’s cars. It was great to finally see Gavin Smith’s Plymouth with its fins, spare tire outline and messed up front bumper and grill. He got some teasing about hitting posts on the way in, but everyone was happy to see one of our youngest members showing up.
The McNamara’s Anglia also showed up with Mac at the wheel. Of note was Kathy driving their Tahoe behind him. I was wondering if she might have had to give him a shove or two on the way over. If she did, she wasn’t saying much. A burgundy Excalibur and an Acura NSX showed up but neither stayed long.
Charlie Wyckoff brought his Paddy Wagon and provided 50’s music. You have to wonder why this type of music is always played as these events, as few people at the event experienced it when younger. Regardless, most people found something to hum along to. The food truck was much appreciated. Thanks to Martha Fuller for arranging it. Also, thanks to Sasha Thatcher for arranging for the portable toilet.
Finally, Tracy and I skedaddled away as it looked like rain was coming, and the DeSoto unfortunately leaks badly due to a lousy design for securing the front of the top. Of course it never did rain. – Paul Dagenais​

Thunder on Main Street Benefit Car show for St Jude

September 10
Thunder on Main Street in Lucedale, Mississippi on September 10 was not only an enjoyable evening show burt it was a fund raiser for St. Jude.
We all met and headed up to Lucedale together. Much to our surprise there was still parking spots on Main Street when we arrived around 4:30 pm.
We walked down Main Street and ran into so many friends from the Mobile area. There were several food trucks and a bunch of the local shops were open. We even stopped at the Beauty shop for free desserts.
Lori Bosarge won an award for her Chrysler 300.

Grand Bay Country Cruisers 2nd Annual Show

September 3
As Saturday, September 3 rolled in, I was leery the GBCC Car Show would be a complete rain-out. But the rain held off just long enough to have the show.
The Alabama Welcome Center located in Grand Bay is a beautiful venue for outside events and awesome setting for the car show.
Everyone involved with hosting the show did a fantastic job making everybody feel welcomed. The lunch provided with show registration was a nice touch and the music throughout the day was always a must to keep the show rocking!
Words cannot really describe the beauty of the classy and the muscle that awaited the tourist’s and automotive fans when they arrived at the Welcome Center. Not only do car shows bring auto enthusiast together but people from all walks of life.
I’ve been into cars my whole life but recently started showing my ‘22 Chrysler 300 Touring. It was an awesome experience watching the judges inspecting each car in detail. I was very excited my 300 placed in the GBCC 2nd Annual 2000- Present Top 30!
This was a great show and I appreciate everyone that made this day possible. I feel everyone had a good time. I know I certainly did! Looking forward to next year. – Lori Bosarge

Tooling Around Town

When a group of people want to drive around town and Door Wagon show off their cars what do you do?  You borrow a route from the 2022 Founders Tour (‘cause you know the person that wrote them).
With some modifications and additions you pick a date and get the group together.  We started at the Marriott on Airport Blvd and wound our way through Spring Hill College to the Clubhouse then through the University of South Alabama.
We then headed downtown and across the causeway to  David’s Catfish House.  After a fun lunch we decided to head to Fairhope for ice cream.
The day was nice and we enjoyed every part of the beautiful day. – Charlotte

Goodbye Gertie

t was with a heavy heart that I waved good-bye to my Model “A” recently. After my great friend Bob Gechijian passed last November, I just could not find anyone locally here that I would trust to work on the car, and she needed some work that was way beyond my skill level. I bought the car from Buddy Paquett in 2004, and had nearly 18 years of fun with it. It was sold to a guy from Milton, FL who is an avid Model “A” fan, and an active member of their local Model “A” club. He kept me posted after the sale with updates on repair progress. He managed to do in weeks what I couldn’t do in months, so I was very happy that my car went to just the kind of owner I hoped to find.

A beautiful day at Copshaholm Concours d’Elegance Show in South Bend Indiana!!

July 9
In concert with the Studebaker Museum the Concours d’Elegance at Copshaholm co-presented by The JBS Collection & LaVine Restorations is the premier celebration of automotive design and styling in northern Indiana.
Craig and Debbie Henry were honored to receive an invitation to exhibit our 1934 Packard Twelve Club Sedan at this year’s show on July 9th. This was the fourth year for this concours event, and 80 vehicles were invited. There were eleven classes (view via this link,https:// www.concoursatcopshaholm.org/) including our class, the ULTIMATE LUXURY: PACKARD & PIERCE-ARROW, 1934-1940.
The cars were stationed around the Oliver family mansion known as the Copshaholm Mansion) https://www.concoursatcopshaholm.org/the-oliver- mansion) J.D. Oliver was president of the Oliver Chilled Plow Works, located in South Bend, Indiana. The company was founded by J.D.’s father, James, inventor of the chilled plow.
Exhibitors we were fortunate to have a very special guided tour of the mansion which was built back in 1895- 1896. The mansion is just amazing and is fully furnished today as when the last family member resided there through 1987.
In addition, we visited the Studebaker and History museums which are excellent and so very well managed. We were so very fortunate to have received a Champion Award within our class which was composed of a number of unique custom coach built cars, including our friend’s Allan and Nancy Strong’s 1936 Packard Super Eight by Rollston, a one-of-a-kind car, that won Best of Show!
– Craig Henry

Five Guys Cruise In and Coulings Mishap

When Darrin and I arrived at the Cruise-In at IHOP in Tillman’s Corner David Couling was very quick to tell us about his mishap. One of the beauty pieces had fallen from his car and was run over before he could stop and pick it up. He laughed about how hard it would be to find a new one. All in All, it was a fun little gathering. – Charlotte

With Liberty and Justice for All

May 30

We so often get lost in the celebration and festivities of holidays and Memorial Day is no different. It is never intentional, it is just something we Americans, over time, have gotten used to. As the years fade into the present it is somehow forgotten that we have the freedom to celebrate, to gather in groups and to speak our minds because of those who have gone before us. Those who sacrificed their lives for our rights to do such things. Think about that. Young men and women who never had the chance to live their lives past the time it took to realize what freedom really meant to them. Some went gallantly and willingly, some not so willingly, but none the less, they went. And they died. Those thoughts were so poignantly brought to my attention today as our small group of car enthusiasts got together and decided to tour Magnolia Veterans Cemetery on this Memorial Day. It was a picture- perfect day (and yes, we did take pictures) under the exalted oak trees with dappled sunlight sifting through like silk threads as we meandered through the American flag lined paths. There were awe inspiring mausoleums and weathered gravestones with dates long ago and names of those we wondered who they were, or which battle they might have died in. It was a reverent, heart-felt glimpse of the past.
We actually began our day with breakfast at Dick Russell’s BBQ. Not only are they famous for their BBQ, but for their buttermilk biscuits as well. We certainly enjoyed our share, along with one of the best breakfasts in town, but you must go with an appetite!
After the cemetery, we stopped in at the Museum of Modern Art at Langan Park for more photos of our cars from days gone by. The contrast between them and the contemporary design and architecture of the museum building and grounds made for great pictures.
Our final leg of the journey was to Marble Slab for ice cream. Every Memorial Day observance must include ice cream in some shape or fashion and ours was no exception. It is just the American way; and in conclusion, ours was just that. A memorable, American Memorial Day. – Belinda Rooney

Silverhill Car Show

May 28
I went to the  Silverhill Car Show with over 200 vehicles. It was the Memorial Car Show in downtown Silverhill, Alabama, “20 Years of Show and Shine.”  Food and drinks were on site with a 50/50 Jackpot drawing . This is the first time I have seen a 1936 Auburn up close.  My reaction “OMG!” And it looks like my VW.  The Auburn was the top car of the show!. – Larry Nelson

St Vincent de Paul Car Show

May 21
Saturday May 21 at St Vincent de Paul on Three Notch Road was an awesome car show.  It was small with lots of DSR members present.  Winners of the show included  Mobay Cruise for a Cause car club with most cars – trophy, Charlie Wychoff 67 Mobile Police Car won 1st place, Makayla Motykiewicz, with a Volkswagen GTI, in 2nd place, Missy Alan 2021 Jeep Willy in third place.

The 2022 AACA Zenith Awards, An experience to remember!

May 20
Craig and Debbie Henry were extremely honored to attend the Antique Automobile Association of America Zenith Awards and Grand Nationals event on May 20-21, 2022, in Virginia Beach ,VA.
Our 1934 Packard Series 1107 Twelve Club Sedan was found worthy by the AACA Zenith Award Team to receive the highly coveted Zenith Award on May 20, 2022.  The following is an excerpt from the AACA award notification.
“The award is called the AACA Zenith Award, and it will be given out for the sixth time at our Grand Nationals in Virginia Beach, Virginia, May 20, 2022.———We wish to advise you that out of the 2,500 plus vehicles shown in 2021 at the national AACA meets your 1934 Packard, AACA Vehicle number 36563 has been selected to compete for the Zenith Award for 2022.  You can be justifiably proud of this great accomplishment as it recognizes your vehicle as on the finest in the world.”
We arrived early to the Hilton Tapestry Founders Inn in Virginia Beach.  Despite the 5 prior week’s detailing “Teddy” named by Debbie, we wanted to have plenty of time to get the “spit polishing” done before the Zenith judging began on Friday.  Debbie named the ’34 Teddy because it’s color is Roosevelt Maroon.  No one knew what cars had been selected for the Zenith Award, but we knew they would all be memorable examples of hard work and investment to make them worthy of participating in such a special event.
The judging was held in a large tent located on a tennis court surrounded by a tall chain link fence.  There was no entrance wide enough thru the fence.  But by Friday morning the resort maintenance team got the tent ready, and cars began to roll in on Thursday.  We got our Packard positioned in the tent and were the 10th car to arrive.  We were a bit apprehensive getting our wide turning Packard into the tent since it was a bit tight for 13 cars.  It then became clear the competition for the “top restoration prize” was going to be very competitive as we studied the following fine cars; 1912 Cadillac Torpedo, 1925 Moon Series A Roadster, 1928 Auburn 8-115, 1929 Du Pont Model G by Merrimac, 1947 Ford Super Deluxe Sportsman Convertible, 1956 Studebaker Pinehurst, 1958 Pontiac Bonneville, 1963 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster, 1964 Studebaker Daytona, 1966 Ford Shelby, 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge,  and a 1973 AMC Javelin.
Everyone was in the tent polishing their cars and checking for any detracting issues on Thursday and early Friday morning.  Adding to the polishing challenge was the continuous flow of pollen from the foliage leafing out.  On judging day, the temperature rose from 78F on Thursday to 94F on Friday.  Shade from the tent was greatly appreciated.  Judging began promptly on Friday morning.  Steven Moskowitz, Chief Judge, AACA Senior Master Judge and CEO of AACA introduced the esteemed team of master judges and explained that each car would be judged by two teams.  The first round ended about noon and then after lunch the second team came around to complete their judging task.  All the judges were so gracious and displayed a wonderful interest in how each car arrived in its current condition for the Zenith Award.  The Zenith Award booklet and the special individual sign produced by AACA was excellent and very informative for everyone.  As we visited the other cars and learned their history and saw some of the excellent documentation characterizing their restoration story, we quickly began to guess which car was the “best”!  At 4pm on Friday, Steve Moskowitz announced each car and its owner as the lovely crystal spire trophy was awarded by Wayne Tuck, AACA President.  All of us were anxious and hopeful that our car would be the last announced to achieve the top Zenith Award for 2022.  As you probably know now, the, 1929 DuPont Model G by Merrimac owned by Lammot DuPont received the top award followed by the 1928 Auburn 8-115 owned by Richard & Helen Harding, who received the “runner-up award”.  All of us congratulated each other with special laurels to Lammot and his team and Richard and Helen for their extra special awards.
It truly was a unique experience and one we will never forget, nor will our 1934 Packard Twelve Club Sedan.  We extend our deep appreciation to the judges and AACA for allowing us to participate in this most memorable and fun event.  On Saturday, “Teddy” was judged again for its Grand National award, and we were again blessed to received AACA’s highest award ending a phenomenal weekend. – Craig Henry

May Day Festival at Tanner Williams Park

May 7
Good Saturday afternoon Family, Friends and fellow car enthusiasts. I went to the May Day Festival at Tanner Williams Park there were lots of vendors and several food trucks . We had a small turnout for the car show/ cruise in.
There was a splash pad for the kids to play in , fire trucks and lots of friendly folks to visit with.  There was family fun for everyone! – Al Manning

Our Lady of Lourdes Lawn Party

April 24

Wedding Escort

We just got home from a dear friends wedding and they wanted to use the ‘41 Packard for Wedding Pictures. It really turned out to be a lovely day and they and their guests were blown away with our car. – Debbie Henry

Camp Grace Car Show

April 23
At the Camp Grace Car Show on April 23 you could find a few of our local club member cars (below) and the winning Cruisn’ the Coast raffle car from 2021!

MoparFest at the Battleship

April 23
We arrive almost at the same time.  I could see the DeSota about eight cars ahead.  Ernie was right behind me.  We pulled in and parked right next to Rod and Karen.
We paid and drove by the photographer that  took your photo in front of the battleship.  You then had the choice to go clean up your vehicle or get in line for the drive thru judging.
We all parked and dusted of the cars, then went to register.  There were more than 300 vehicles registered.
We soon ran into Parker who had arrived much earlier than us.  He went to get in line to get his car judged.  Rod soon got in line as well.
Paul and I stayed behind and debated whether we even wanted to get in line for judging. We asked Parker how long it took to go through the line and he said “about 20 songs.”
Judging paid off with Rod winning a top 30 award and Paul winning a top 3 award.  We all left and headed over to eat seafood on the Causeway.  It was a fun day to just hang out! – Charlotte

AACA Spring Nationals

April 7-9
Paul Dagenais, Tracy Metcalf, Darrin and I headed to Charlotte, North Carolina for the AACA Spring Nationals.  I had asked Jim Henderson to go on another trip to Charlotte.  To my surprise he wanted to go.  I was very excited to spend time with him away from his work again.  Rod and Karen Matthews also wanted to go.  It worked out for Rod to put his car in Jim’s rig.  Paul’s Desoto went into the trailer and the new 1988 Suburban was going to tow the trailer. 
The suburban was driven to put on the show field as well. It all worked out.
Of course Art and Vicki Bolton were there as well.  Jim also pleasantly surprised us, bringing Clyde Smith and Zeno Chaudron along. Nice showing of Deep South members.
We arrived with just enough time to park and head to our hotel, about a mile from the show field. The area used for the show is part of the parking area of the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The hotel was nice, and the best part is always being able to talk with our AACA friends from across the country. Friday was sunny but a chilly and windy day. I headed to the race track to man the AACA Membership tent while the rest of the group went to breakfast. 
I spent most of the day inside the Speedway where the Charlotte AutoFair (a large auto flea market and car corral) was being held. Passes for the AutoFair were provided to each registered car owner and /or registered judge. I enjoyed the drifting event, but it got old after a few hours.  Right next to the drifting event was a tent of high end Mopars.  I spent time talking to Jason about his Super B.  I later met up with Jason again at the Moparfest at the Battleship and had the privilege of meeting the boys that designed the headliner and outer graphics for his incredible car.
Barrett helped me get the word out about AACA and he really enjoyed stopping the vehicles to give them info.
I had pre-registered for judging, so I was up early Saturday morning and off to the Judge’s Breakfast where we got our team assignments.  At the Judge’s Breakfast, I received my Senior Master Judge award and also entered the Team Captain program with now having my first of five supervised Team Captain Judging events under my belt. 
AACA provides extensive training for judges that want to achieve any level.  I have a goal of becoming Chief Judge for AACA.  I was unable to attend the Team Captain School on Friday so I attended the one on Saturday morning before judging.
While I was off doing the judging thing, Paul and  Tracy got the Desoto out of the trailer and onto the show field.  I saw Paul and Tracy pass by with Barrett in the car.  I hope Barrett never forgets what a thrill that was.
Darrin assisted Jim with getting his beautiful cars, the 1951 Crestliner and the 1964 Impala out to the show field.  Then Darrin got the Matthew’s Barracuda out of the Henderson rig and Rod and Karen headed to the show field.
One of the things that I did while this was going on was to walk the show field and find all the vehicles that I would be overseeing in judging.  My group finished judging the Motorcycle class in a timely order, and was the very first team into the Admin tent.  What a great group of men and women!
During the afternoon I was able to walk around the show field and take a few pictures. The weather was overcast with windy conditions and temperatures only in the mid-40s. When the cars were released, we headed to load them all up.  I love how we all helped each other on and off the show field.  Rod helped other people get their cars loaded until his turn to load his car.
The Awards were given at 4 pm in the main tent. I was asked to be a spotter along with Annie Goldman.  I worked with Fred Trusty in giving out awards.  That left Darrin to watch Barrett and to collect his award along with all of Jim Henderson’s awards. That is truly a major task because Barrett is 9 and likes to play.
After the awards we enjoyed a good, catered picnic dinner.  We had a chance to hang out with new and old friends. – Charlotte

Exploring Mobile through the 2022 Founders Tour

March 20-27 The 33rd Annual AACA Founders Tour, what an experience! The Deep South Region did a great job hosting the 33rd AACA Founders Tour.  Debbie and I were able to attend and drove our 1979 Lincoln Continental  Mark V. We had a great time and met a lot of new friends from as far west as Colorado and east to North Carolina. 
Several AACA officers attended including AACA President, Wayne Tuck and his wife, Denise.  Paul worked hard on the daily routes, so we were sure to see all the best of the Mobile area.  Ray, our tour chairman, was always on hand with his camera and together with Paul, the closing banquet was a bunch of fun!!! 
All the DSR Founders Tour team really made the event hum.  Our thanks to everyone.  The dear Lord was kind to us with only one day of rain on Tuesday! 
The rest of the week was beautiful and sunny.  Everyone got a good start for the week at the welcome reception at the hotel.  One could always count on Martha, Walt and Katherine to have the hospitality room well stocked and ready to answer questions.  As always there were several mechanical failures and David Ladnier won the “worst hard luck” award for challenges with his car which included some poor soul who collided with his rear bumper!!! 
A big thanks to Darrin Dahlenburg who was on site and on call to help get the afflicted cars rolling again quickly.  As always Jim Henderson rolled out his “red carpet” with a wonderful welcome lunch at his museum. 
The lovely Azalea Trail Maids were on hand for photo shoots with the guests and their cars!  Jim also allowed the attendees to visit his beautiful farm outside of Mobile.  I believe we all really appreciated his warm hospitality. 
We had a bunch of fun and great donuts at the Bethel Baptist church and were surprised by the Wychoff Sheriff’s Department being on hand with some wonderful vintage police cars from back in the day.  There were so many great photo-opps and the folks at the Little Sisters of the Poor residence really got a kick out the parade of cars. 
On Saturday, we had a beautiful day the USS Alabama with entertainment provided by the Meridian Academy band followed by an onsite lunch in the hangar.  Our thanks again to all the DSR staff and the AACA officers who worked to make this tour a big success!!! – Craig Henry

St Patty Day parade

March 19St. Patrick’s day celebration in Mobile is a big deal!  The day would not be complete without David Ladniers 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible!

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 2022

March 2-5 This was the Matthews family, as in Rod and Karen, 2nd annual visit to the Concours d’Elegance. Last year it was pushed back to May because of COVID but this year it was again in the usual month of March. I don’t know exactly where to begin but here we go.
We stayed at the same B&B as we did last year on the edge of the Fernandina Beach Historic District in the north end of the island. Built in 1856, a beautiful antebellum home full of history.
Saturday was Cars and Community, 450 open class vehicles from soup to nuts. Registration applications are reviewed and accepted. I would say is somewhat controlled. Sunday was a way different story, 215 concours level vehicles by invitation only and limited to pre-determined classes. Classes like a group of all 1932 Fords (90-year Celebration), almost a dozen Rolls Royce Silver Ghosts, and 10 NASCAR racers.  Brumos Porsche was well represented and there was an any year “Red only” Ferrari class.
The most interesting Sunday class were the Davis Divans. Apparently, there are only 13 remaining in the world and Hagerty’s had assembled 5 of them there. Interesting history, look it up if you don’t know about them. The founder of the Davis Motor Company ole Gary Davis found his way to prison for several years as a result of how he did business.
On a final note, they had something they called “Ride and Drives”. It was a caravan of vintage cars. You got to pick a vehicle and drive it on a tour of the island. I grabbed onto the red 1967 400 ci GTO, fun.
Don’t know but this might just become an annual road trip!

Fat Tuesday Parade

March 1 The last day before Lent starts is packed full of fun, beads, throws and moon pies. Fat Tuesday is for the cars, floats and the revelry.  Mark Magee drove Jim Henderson’s 1963 Cadillac.  The 2005 Hertz Shelby was also used in the parade.

Joy of Life Parade

February 26  The Joy of Life Parade in Mobile rode on the last Saturday of Mardi Gras season.  The Parade raises money for St. Jude.  For several years David Ladienr has provided his 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 for the Grand Marshal and helps to raise over $2500 each year. Sasha Thatcher, Paul Dagenais and Charlotte Dahlenburg are on the board that helps plan 3 major events each year.

February is the Perfect Time for a Chili Cook-off

February 24  Our meeting in February started with a chili and soup cook-off.  Just about every member brought something to enter into the contest. Everybody was given a ticket at the door for voting.  This would have been a fair way to handle the taste testing but in the interest of raising funds for the club we sold tickets.  You could “Stack the Deck” if you wanted to.  In the end Paul Dagenais won the contest and the club won as well by raising $93.

Dracula, Nicholas, Ray and Al Share the Big Screen

February  I got a call looking for Model T Fords to make a movie with Nicholas Cage.  I asked for details and let them know I was interested.  They wanted to have four Model T’s for four days.  I rounded up Al Manning, Herb Purcell, Phil Purcell, Gator Gould and their T’s.  The five of us were going to head off to the movies but we had to get a covid test and FedEx our results. We had to take a test everyday before going in.
We thought this was going to be a little thing but when we got there, there were 200 to 300 people working.  Our part in the movie was filmed from 1 pm to around 5 am in the morning. Sometimes 16 to 18 hours.
As many of you know I like to take photos, but I was stopped. (I did get some) There were places you could take pictures.
There were 18 Model T’s on site.  Some days you might sit all day and not use your car at all. While they were not using your car you could walk around anywhere on site.
One good thing is if your car broke and was not used you still got paid and they paid very well.
One scene my car was in, I drove through a rainstorm.  They set up a rainstorm and I drove my car through it seven times.  We all were dressed like the 1920s.  This Company bought three city blocks and set up in Chalmett, LA just out of New Orleans. – Ray Harper

Our First AACA Annual Convention in Gettysburg, PA

February 10-13  The Henry’s were fortunate to attend the 86th Antique Automobile Club of America’s Annual Convention on February 10-13 in Gettysburg, PA.  We were honored and surprised that our old 1934 Packard Twelve Club Sedan was nominated for a national award. 
On Thursday we joined Charlotte and Darrin Dahlenburg along with Kelly Adams, VP of Publications, for a tour of the new AACA headquarters ideally located in Hershey at 800 Hershey Park Dr, Hershey, PA.  It was quite apparent that the AACA staff worked very hard with designers to establish a very attractive and fully functional facility directly adjacent to the Hershey show grounds. 
The new headquarters houses the new library containing the largest compilation of automotive documentation available in the world.  Steve Moskowitz, CEO and the AACA staff have done an excellent job and every member of AACA who has a chance to visit the new headquarters should certainly do so.  As one enters the building one will see multiple fine classic cars in the lobby as well as multiple show cases displaying numerous awards and trophies.  Visitors can also easily see the fine board room and Steve’s office as well adjacent to the lobby. 
During the meeting several vendors displayed their wares, and we would estimate at least 200 members were in attendance.  The meeting agenda also included educational seminars as well as a judging class. 
Of course, on Friday evening the Pinewood Derby races were fun for all, and Charlotte’s car won an award for its unique design! 
On Saturday we attended the business meeting which included the presentation of some key awards and a round table discussion for member to suggest ways to improve the club and how to attract new members.  On Saturday evening the awards banquet began with a reception that was even attended by a past President of the United States of America.  See if you recognize him from our photos with him. 
After an excellent surf and turf dinner multiple board members were recognized for their service as well as some of whom accepted new roles within the club.  Our current 2021 President Jim Elliott passed the gavel to our new incoming 2022 President Wayne Tuck. 
The club bestowed over 80 outstanding awards with wonderful photos and histories about each winning car.
Of course, the Deep South Region was proud of Charlotte Dahlenburg’s Master Webmaster award.  Congratulations Charlotte!!!!

First Mardi Gras Parade of the Season

Saturday, January 29   The Krewe de la Dauphine Parade on Dauphin Island. My granddaughter Sydney Marie and her friends had a blast I believe we had many club members drive the parade route. Man it was cold cold – Larry Nelson
Members cars in the parade: Larry Nelson 74 Volkswagon Convertible, Robert Salter 67 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible, 64 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible David Ladnier, Toyota Prius Leslie and Janice

Renewing Tradition

January 8, 2022   We gathered at Felix’s Fish Camp parking lot to bring back the annual David’s Catfish House Cruise.  We had 4 antiques show up and the rest of us drove our modern cars.  It was a brisk day and we enjoyed see each other for the first club event of the year.
We drove together, with David Ladnier in the lead, to David Catfish House in Spanish Fort.  The service was awesome and the food was very good.  If you missed this event we will see you next year for our next annual Cruise. – Charlotte