2020 Events

Annual Christmas Party and Awards Banquet

December 6  This year the Annual Christmas Dinner and Awards Banquet was held at the Clubhouse. The dinner was brought back to the clubhouse because of concerns of the Corona Virus.
Debbie Bright and Martha Fuller and their committee did an awesome job decorating and overseeing the food. Everyone had plenty to eat.
We all had plenty of time to mingle before the awards portion of the night.
President Zeno Chaudron led the presentation of the two annual awards and introduced the 2021 officers.

Who Made You Judge? First Time Car Show Judge

November 7   It was a pleasure since getting involved with the Deep South Region Car Club to be accepted as a member. Since becoming a member it has also been a pleasure to be more involved in the events surrounding collectors and their vehicles. This year has been a strange year for so many things, and the two things that I have seen that seem to be weathering the storm are western events such as rodeo, and automobile events such as cruise-ins and car shows.
This year was a great year for me getting involved with Deep South because one of the things I was able to do was work for the first time at Cruising the Coast. I have been to Cruising the Coast on several occasions, but only as a drive-through spectator where we drove over and drove through seeing maybe a few hundred cars at a distance, and usually moving. This year, working at the Edgewater Mall Checkpoint the number of cars close up over a two day period was in the thousands. Did I mention close up? I was told that the number of entrees was way down, but I could not see it, so I might be looking forward to working next year.
Recently I had the chance to go to Pensacola with several members of Deep South to judge a Car Show there. Not as many cars as Cruising the Coast, (I am glad) but I am glad only because of the time it takes to get close and detailed with the cars and the owners. I can tell you that after coaching little league ball and judging high school rodeo, the confrontation with those involved was a piece of cake at the Car Show. Getting up and down looking under the hood and under the car was also great exercise, I know because I felt it the next day.
It is amazing the many facets of judging cars that you can get into. All of the different classes of vehicles and all the different parts to judge takes a lot of time and effort. I kept to my old reliable, not giving perfect score and no zeros at Pensacola, but I can say that each category had real close to perfect scores and that was without comparing one car at the show to another car at the show. Just like Cruising the Coast, there are serious entries and you can tell their owners by word and by the results of what you see inside the vehicle, under the hood, in the trunk and under the vehicles, or even in those places that might be hidden. You also have the owner that you get to meet and talk to that is just proud of their work in progress and even their work vehicle. Attention to detail is the best part of judging.
Did I mention, it was a pleasure getting involved? Hanging out with the crew of judges from Mobile’s Deep South Region Car Club made it a lot of fun and educational. It turned out to be a nice day. Lunch and a break was great too!

2020 Special Fall Eastern Regional National in Gettysburg, PA

November 5-8  2020 AACA Special Fall Nationals Eastern Regional Meeting, November 5-8, Gettysburg PA.
Debbie and I attended the 2020 Special Fall Nationals AACA Eastern Regional, November 6-7 in Gettysburg PA. “Mother Nature” could not have been more kind, providing us wonderful weather for the entire week. Clear skies and temps in the mid 70’s and even a bit of colorful fall foliage!
We took our 1941 Packard 120 Convertible (“Packie”) to the Nationals to be judged for its Senior badge. Yes, “Packie” won his Senior badge! Yeah!!!!! There were over 600 cars attending from all over the United States. Some coming as far as Mississippi (Debbie and Craig), Alabama, Texas and Arizona!
The venue was held outside at the Gateway Wyndham and Marriott Courtyard Hotel which provided excellent trailer and attendee parking for everyone. AACA even had a display with some WWII military vehicles including a Sherman M4A3E2 tank!!! The soldiers were in full Army combat fatigues with their support vehicles and gear.
There were many beautiful cars of all makes and models on display. Stan Kulikowski was the Head Judge and commented he had his hands full announcing 600 awards. It was a wonderful and “safe” event including temperature taking and mask-wearing for anyone entering the location.
AACA did a great job meeting the COVID-19 prevention guidelines. Many of us visited the Gettysburg Battlefield Museum and the visitors center, which holds the Cyclorama artists rendition of the battle created by Paul Dominique Philippoteaux in the late 1800’s. The canvas is over 300 ft. long and 40ft. high and was stitched together and restored before being ready for display many decades later in Gettysburg.
And of course, Pennsylvania provides wonderful cuisine in many of the local diners and restaurants, all operating at 50% capacity indoors and outside. Gettysburg is a quaint little town with lots of shops for browsing. Well, that is our short and sweet experience at the Special Fall 2020 AACA Eastern Regional National!!! – Craig Henry

Let’s Take a Ride to Grand Bay

October  Paul and Tracy were headed out to get some cost estimates for the Comet. 
We arrived at Phil Osterkamp’s place in Grand Bay. The place was just like you arrived in Tuscany. The many garages looked like Villas. Gardens were everywhere and of course the garages housed the many cars in the process of being stripped and powder coated.
Tracy and I wandered to the shade as Paul and Phil talked about what to do with the Comet. I admire the details that Phil looked at the car with and his knowledge of the Comet. He knew his stuff and was not shy to share or ask questions.

Dauphin Way Baptist Shirley Looney show

October 24   175 cars of all kinds lined the parking lot of the Dauphin Way Baptist Church for the 11th Annual Shirley Looney Car Show. The show was held on October 24 from 8 till 3:30 pm.
The weather started out to be on the rainy side. Many of us chose to go anyway. The weather started to clear and before you knew it, it was hot. Many of us took refuge under the trees.
The event included a silent auction. Along the front of the church there were many vendors for anybody to pursue. There were so many cool things, but as you know as you get older, you want to get rid of stuff and not collect more.
The show is known for the many awards they give out. I believe all the members of DSR went home with a trophy.
If you have not attended this show in the past, you need to put this one on your list for 2021!

Crusin’ the Coast, A New Experience for DSR

October 4-11  The Deep South Region (DSR) was invited to participate in the volunteer program of Crusin’ the Coast. As this was the first year the club was involved, we are not to receive any monetary feedback from participation. Should the Crusin’ the Coast (CTC) Board deem our volunteering beneficial, and we get invited to participate again in the future, we will share in the income allotted to the various clubs who volunteer.

Birthday Cruise for Little Danny’s 25th Birthday

October 16 A Birthday Party Cruise held for Little Danny Michael’s 25th Birthday was fun for all! Danny’s Brother, Brock Meador, helped plan this party cruise. Little Danny has Cerebral Palsy and turned 25 on Friday, October 16. He loves football and cars!
There were 36 cars and a Theodore Volunteer Fire Department’s fire truck along with the City of Mobile Police Car driven by Barney March participating in this birthday cruise. Many Deep South Region members participated: Susan Bergen with her 2006 Mustang, Leslie Sellers with his 1990 Camaro, Larry Nelson with his 1974 Volkswagon convertible, Ray Harper 1920 Ford pickup, Walt Fuller 1930 Ford Model A convertible with rumble seat and I had my 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 with Darrin Dahlenburg and Barrett Sargent on board.

Cruisin’ the Coast Bag Stuffing Party

September 26  The Deep South Region arrived in full force to stuff bags at the packing party on September 26 in Gulfport, Mississippi. We all dove into our jobs of collating and stuffing bags. 8000 bags with 19 items in 4.5 hours was a record to write in the books.
We all had a chance to meet members from the eleven other clubs that make up the force that makes Cruisin’ the Coast possible. Everyone had a great time stuffing bags. We all felt as if we were part of something much bigger than ourselves.

Mobay Cruise for a Cause for Three Year Old Casey

August 28 The Deep South Region chose to be part of the Mobay Cruise for a Cause, Cruise for Casey, a three-year old with cancer. We met at the Walmart in Tillman’s corner on Saturday, August 28. The day pretty much followed the song from Gilligan’s Island.
Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from Tillman’s Corner
In the Walmart Parking Lot.
The cars were all mighty old and new,
The leader brave and sure ”?”
Twenty five cars set out that day
For a three hour tour, maybe a four hour tour.
The weather started getting rough, (Poured Rain)
The tiny Red A was tossed, (Flat Tire)
If not for the courage of the Wrecker and crew (Thank you Charlie Lyons and Dick Nitz)
The Model A would be lost, the Model A would be lost.
The group carried on this uncharted crazy route With the Ladnier’s and the Bright’s (toy donation) Ray Harper too,
Darrin and his wife, Linda and Tammy,
The Couling’s and the Chaudron’s,
All for a three year old birthday tour.

Frontliners Picnic

June 13  The City of Semmes, and Loblolly Farm hosted for the Police, Fire and Rescue, as well as EMS personnel, a Front Liners Family Picnic on Saturday, June 13, from 10 am to 4 pm at Loblolly Farm. ” There was no cost to personnel or their families associated with this special appreciation event. Food, beverages, live music and kids activities were provided by Loblolly Farm, and its sponsors.
We appreciate all that you do for your community! Thank you for keeping us safe!
Early Saturday morning we set out driving a 1965 Ford Custom, a 1966 Plymouth, and a 1967 Chrysler Belvedere on a mission to honor Mobile first responders. Each of these cars are the blue and white Mobile police cars from the sixties.
They are memories of my growing up years before air conditioning and the fancy barriers in police cars nowadays.
When I was growing up, my dad was Chief of Communications for the City of Mobile and things were drastically different from the way they are now.
The event was put on to honor all Mobile First Responders with a day of fun, food, and music at Loblolly Farms in Semmes, (Mobile County) Alabama.
Thank you to all of Mobile’s First Responders, and Mr. Gary Smith and his crew at Loblolly Farms for inviting us to participate! We back and support all the hard work our First Responders do!
Charlie Wyckoff

Mother’s Day at the Clubhouse

May 11  After about two months of hibernation and staying home and staying safe, our President, Zeno thought it was time for a small gathering. With so many of us not able to travel to be with our families we all met at 1 pm at the clubhouse. Each of us brought our own meals, sat 6 feet apart and enjoyed the time together. The food and the
company was outstanding!
A good amount of members attended the event and we all went home with a renewed spirit.

Find a Cure Car Show

March 14  You could not have asked for a better day weather wise. Braving the social interaction on the eve of the outbreak for the Covid-19 Virus. 78 cars managed to grace the show field. People kept their distance but still had a great time together. The food trucks provided an assortment of delicacies. All and all the show raised $2,000 for St. Jude.

Surge Church Fundraiser for the Youth Group

Sunday, March 1  What a great day to get your car out and display it. Fifteen members of the Deep South Region turned out to support the youth group at Surge Church. David
Ladnier headed the team that made the functions of the car show work well.
Voting for the top 3 cars was based on the money spectators deposited in the boxes that were placed at the front of each car. There were so many beautiful cars to choose from this year. A bonus this year included a chili cook off. Many of us enjoyed the samples of over 10 varieties.
Susan Bergen and I invited all non-members to join DSR. Two participants became new members of the Deep South Region at this pop-up show. Please welcome Ira and Teresa Lundy and Dan Jacobsen the next time you see them. We all had a good time together and the day could not have been any better. – Charlotte

Port City Corvettes/Bass Pro Shop Car Show

February 29   A picture – perfect spring day, and Port City Corvettes Club was rewarded with a record setting turnout of over 150 cars for their tenth annual show. This was also the largest gathering of Corvettes that I have ever seen in one place – over 50 nice cars.
The most unique car at this show was a 1956 Lincoln Premier. This nearly block long parade float drew a crowd of admirers all day long!
My 1980 Corvette scored a First in Class Award for the second year in a row – a much appreciated recognition from a group of very knowledgeable ‘Vette folks!
– Dick Cashdollar

Joy of Life Mardi Gras Parade

February 22  The Joy of Life Parade rolled down Parade Route D in downtown Mobile.
The Henderson Collection provided two cars for the Navy during the parade. The 1937 Cadillac led the Floral Parade and the 1957 Bel Air followed right behind.
Mark Magee led the parade with the Captain from the Naval ship that was docked in Mobile for Mardi Gras.
David Ladnier in his 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible, carried the Grand Marshal of the Joy of Life Parade, Ken Rohman. Ken is the marketing Director at Windcreek Hospitality and had won the opportunity to ride in the 1964 Galaxie while supporting St. Jude.
The Joy of Life Parade is a fundraiser for St. Jude and one of the largest parades in Mobile. The King and Queen of Joy of Life are currently or have been patients of St. Jude. ​

The New Mobilian’s Club Annual Ball

February 1, 2020  Heron Lake Country Club was the site of “The Great Gatsby Ball” an event held on February 1st for The New Mobilians Club. Needless to say, our clubs Gulf Coast Model A Club and Deep South Region AACA came to their rescue with our beautiful cars to highlight the entrance of their ball. Ray Harper was contacted regarding their need of 1920’s and 1930’s automobiles. Those members participating were Ray Harper in his Model T, Jim Gray in his Model A and Al Manning’s in his Model A. The 20’s or 30’s for a ball so I got them three. My Model T, Jim Gray’s Model A and Al Manning’s Model A. All three of us will say as long as we have been taking cars to displays this was the BEST EVER. These people treated us like we were KINGs. They had room for us and fed us a great meal. Again, thanks for the best.
New Mobilian’s Club is a club for women new to the Mobile area. They provide activities such a bridge, canasta, bunco and many others. They invited others to join in and meet old and new Mobilian’s.

The 7th Annual Wind Creek Hospitality
“Joy of Life” Mardi Gras Ball

February 1  Benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital took place on Saturday, February 1st, 2020. The 2020 gala presented St. Jude patients as King and Queen. The “Joy of Life” Mardi Gras Ball showcased the culinary skills of Mobile’s most amazing chefs and restaurants, live and silent auction, as well as great musical entertainment all while raising funds for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
Board Member, Charlotte Dahlenburg is a member of Gulf Coast Model A Club. She extended an invitation to GCMAC to participate as part of their Roaring 20’s theme for this year’s ball. Those members participating were John & Debbie Bright, Joe & Theresa Stephens and Walt & Martha Fuller, their Model A’s were on display at the entrance of the event. Everyone loved seeing these automobiles and made pictures with the cars. Invitation was extended to members to join the festivities.

Krewe de la Dauphine, Dauphin Island

January 25  This was my first parade at Dauphin Island. My nine year old grand daughter, Sydney was very excited to ride with me. We were placed behind the first float ,WOW!
My niece brought her two daughters to join Sydney and I, and suddenly my 1974 VW Convertible was Mardi Gras bound with three beautiful young girls having the time of their life!
We ran out of throws about half way through then lo and behold a Mardi Gras Angel appeared from the crowd with a huge bag filled with beads and stuffed animals.  He could hardly lift the bag over to the girls. The girls were happily surprised! Thankfully this young man’s generous gesture made our 1st Dauphin Island parade PERFECT!!! 

Lending Tree Bowl Parade

January 4, 2020   If you saw a bunch of old cars headed to downtown on January 4 you can almost expect them to be in a parade.  This year Jim Henderson was asked to supply six antique cars for the Lending Tree Parade. 
Darrin and I had to opportunity to join in the fun with the 1961 Cadilac.  The parade is the first Mardi Gras style parade of the new decade.  Jim Henderson had the privilege of transporting the Athletic Directors and the Presidents of the Louisiana Raging Cajuns and the Miami of Ohio team thru the parade to start the festivities of the Lending Tree Bowl