2018 Events

Mardi Gras 2018

January 13, 2018  The first Mardi Gras parade of the season kicked off. Krewe De La Dauphine Parade started at the Sea Lab on Dauphin Island and traveled down Bienville Blvd all the way to the first public beach. Charlotte led the parade with Uncle Henry as this years Grand Marshal in the 1960 Buick Electra. Uncle Henry and his grandson Alex threw everything from moonpies and beads to giant stuffed animals. David Ladnier, Ross Sloan and Robert Salters all participated in the parade. Each of them drove the princesses in the parade.

February 24, 2018  Zeno and Rheba Chaudron, Darrin and Charlotte Dahlenburg and Walt and Martha Fuller were present. After an nice breakfast several of us followed Walt Fuller home. Walt is the process of restoring a Model T pick up. Walt was ready to put the top on. It took a little ingenuity to get it to fit. It was fun to hang out with Walt and Martha.

Chocolate Festival

March 3, 2018   Ed Grimes and his son Eddy Grimes attend the Chocolate Festival. For displaying your car at the festival you received free entrance to the Chocolate Festival. The event took place at the Grounds.

Baumhauer Road Baptist Church Car Show

March 31, 2018   Baumhauer Road Baptist Church Fish Fry, Easter Egg hunt and Car show held on March 31 was a fun event. Plenty of warm weather and plenty of DSR members. Zeno and Rheba Chaudron brought their family, Trey, Blaze and Kelly along with Violet. David Ladnier, Darrin and Charlotte Dahlenburg and Barrett, Jimmy and Barbara O’Brien and Leslie Sellers all were present. The fish for the fish fry was excellent and so were all the sweets for sale. Charlie Lyles did an excellent job frying fish. Zeno won the People’s Choice trophy.

Camilla Classic

April 7, 2018  The morning started with rain. David Ladnier joined us at our house as we headed to the show. Because the Bel Air does not have windshield wipers we had to make many stops.
We finally arrived at Bellingrath Gardens and made our way to the show field. We traveled down a back pathway to the Great Lawn. Just before entering the Great Lawn we had to travel over about 40 feet of dirt road that had turned to about 8 inches of mud. We headed into the mud and hoped for the best. We made it through and so did David. Then they shut down that entrance.
We all got busy cleaning our cars. What a mess, mud everywhere. The cars were all clean when it came time to judge the cars.
Ed Grimes was selling 50/50 tickets. I spent a while helping him by separating the tickets and putting them in the drum. As I tore the tickets apart I watched door prize after door prize get picked up by happy car owners.
The day was very pleasant after the rain stopped. Many DSR members attended and won trophies. It was a good day and fun to hang out with both old and new friends.

Breakfast at Golden Corral

April 28, 2018  It was a beautiful day for driving our antique cars and eating breakfast together. We had a great crowd with both DSR and the Model A club members. Eighteen people attend and many who drove their old cars. There were ten DSR members present for breakfast. Walt and Martha, Joyce and David Ladnier, Zeno and Rheba Chaudron, Violet and Robby, Tracy Metclaf and Paul Dagenais

Our Lady of Lourdes Car Display

April 29, 2018  Our Lady of Lourdes lawn party took place on Sunday April 29. A record number of antique cars were on display. People’s choice trophy went to the 1967 Chevelle SS owned by Pat McCabe. Some of the popular cars: ’56 Desoto convertible, ’64 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible, ’59 Corvette, ’31 Dodge, ’69 Camaro Z/28, ’62 MG convertible, ’29 Ford convertible. The list of antique cars: ‘94 Cavalier convertible, 2013 Mustang GT, ’85 Buick Regal, ’67 Mustang, ’96 Cobra, ’93 Mustang Fox Body, ’70 Oldsmobile Cutlass W-31, ’67 Chevelle SS 396, ’74 Corvette, ’91 Mitsubishi Montero and ‘90 pathfinder. – David Ladnier

Cuban Festival at the Museum

May 5, 2018    Over seven years from concept to fruition was involved in production of the Cuban Festival. On May 5 the Henderson Collection was asked by the Mayor of Mobile, Sandy Stimpson to help with the grand opening of the Cuban Festival. The Collection provided five period vehicles that are typically seen in our Sister City, Havana.
    The Mobile Museum of Art located near the club house was the center of the event. Sister Cities Mobile, Alabama and Havana, Cuba celebrated 25 years. What better way than to display some old cars.
    Jim Henderson provided five examples of fine vehicles for guest to experience. On display were the 1960 Buick Electra 225, the 1955 Mercury Montclair, the 1948 Lincoln Continental convertible, the 1957 Chevy Bel Air and the 1954 Ford Sunliner Crestline.
    Artists from both Mobile and Havana were present to endorse their incredible art depicting the similarities between the two cities. Photos of Mardi Gras compared to parade in Havana and city skylines to the cars of America and Cuba the art display was amazing. But the belle of the ball was the vehicles of the Henderson Collection.
     We opened to doors to allow people to see inside. Youth were amazed by the manual windows and how big the cars were. To adults the cars brought back memories. The Mayor could not wait to get his wife inside the 1948 Lincoln and get photo taken.
    The entire event was fun and was a great opportunity to give people of all ages a chance to experience the old cars we love. – Charlotte

Central Spring Meet, Auburn, IN 2018

May 10-12, 2018   After just having hosted a successful meet in Mobile several of us planned to head north to Auburn. Zeno, Rheba, Darrin and I set off with Zeno’s 1969 Z28 Camaro in tow.
    We arrived before dark and unloaded the car in trailer parking. Everything had arrived safely. We were all weary from the travel and ready for a night of rest.
    Friday was full schedule that started with a continental breakfast at the hotel with other car hobbyist.
    We made our way over to registration and picked up packets and tickets. Darrin ,Rheba and Zeno headed to the auction. You could not miss the constant sound of the auctioneer in the arena. Memorabilia was up on the block and Darrin had to get a bid number. Seemed like Darrin was out-bid every time, sometimes before he could raise his hand.
    We decided to go visit a few museums while Darrin attended judges school. The Early Ford V8 Museum was the first stop and we spent a while enjoying the vehicles. We also spent a little bit of time in the Antique Mall near the museum before returning to pick up Darrin to run off to the Auburn – Duesenburg Museum.
    With only an hour to tour the museum, it was hard to choose what you wanted to see. On the first floor we were in awe of the fine pieces of art (vehicles) that are displayed. Some of the finest creations live inside the walls. This years feature is the boattails. Right as you came up the steps you see the yellow and red boattail that came into view. This stunning vehicle had many extra features – including a complete bar in the passenger side door panel and a humidor that would have been stuffed with Cuban cigars in the driver’s side panel.
    At the Auction Center AACA was hosting a concert for all members. This concert was and 80’s band that played many of our favorites.
    Saturday morning came early. Judges breakfast at the Auction Center is where you find out what you will be judging. Darrin was placed on the apprentice team. I was so excited to be placed on the team that judged Class 21 D, E, F and G… Fords. As I made my way to my seat I was pleasantly surprised to see so many of the judges that I admire on my team. Most of them with over 100 judging credits and several of them said the Ford expert has arrived. (I have 13 judging credits – not much of an expert)
    Rain was coming onto the show field and we went out an looked at our vehicles early before judging started. There were some fine vehicles on this show field. I am glad that while I spent a little time looking at each of the vehicles that I only had questions on one vehicle. Thankful for the second look in the rain.
    Judging went quickly in the rain. My sheet was so wet that is was hard to write anything on it.
The cars were released at 2 pm stead of the 3 pm normal time. We put Zeno’s car back on the trailer and headed back for the BBQ dinner and Award Banquet. We had the chance to sit near so many old friends and also new friends. The gentleman near us was showing his car hoping for a First Place Junior award. He already had a second place. I remember the emotions of waiting to see what you won. The nerves get the best of you just and the relief that comes over you when you get the award you came for.
    Our trip home was much faster than our trip to Auburn. Guess it was all down hill home or the lack of parking lots on the interstate that helped. – Charlotte

Day Trip Explore Mobile

May 19, 2018  Today we had the honor of spending time with a great group of fellow car enthusiasts on what is commonly known in the car world as a Day Tour. But let me assure you it was much more than that! Sometimes, seemingly ordinary occasions transform themselves into something quite unexpected. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!This little excursion started out on a magnificent, Armed Forces Day at Battleship Memorial Park.     There we joined the Blue Star Salute Celebration in honor of fallen soldiers and men and women in the military who understand the risks and sacrifices it takes to protect one’s homeland, in this case the “land of the free and the brave”.
    I was quite surprised as I was engulfed in my own emotions while participating in the whole experience, as if somehow appreciation for my country went hand in hand with appreciation with all things past. Particularly in our case, as we proudly paraded our treasured pieces of automobile history through the crowd. Not pretentious nor boastful, just proud.In keeping with the historical theme, the next leg of our “trip” took us to the Conde-Charlotte House in downtown.
    Mobile for another tour of historical significance as we learned more about Mobile’s origins and those who settled here; along with the day to day details of those who lived in this magnificent, former Jailhouse. Again, my emotions were piqued just thinking about what life must have been like all those memories ago, while coming away with a sense of wonder in that man has always had what he needed (keyword being needed) no matter how archaic it seems today.
    By now, to borrow an old colloquialism, we had “worked up” quite the appetite and the procession continued to one of Mobile’s treasured eating spots, the Dew Drop Inn, for the gastronomically, delightful famous hot dog! One never can never have too much Dew Drop! It’s a well-oiled, culinary machine that refuses to disappoint.
    And now for the Piece de Resistance, our little entourage, seemingly on its own, headed west to another well documented Mobile landmark, Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream Shop, with never a thought of the caloric burden we may be about to undertake! And in keeping with the theme for the day, it was secretly and sinfully delightful!
    – Belinda Rooney

Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis Presidential Car Show

July 7, 2018  We enjoyed a nice day out in our old cars. Breakfast at the Golden Corral in Tillman’s Corner at 7:30 am started our adventure. The group traveled Historic Highway 90 to Biloxi, MS either driving  our cars or towing our cars.  We arrived at Jefferson Davis Home around 10 am and toured the home, grounds and Presidential Library.  We spent several hours under the great oak trees just enjoying the company.  At 2 pm many of us went to White Caps for lunch before either traveling home or going to see Bobby Sue, Greg and Barrett’s air plane under construction.  Several DSR members were present: Zeno and Rheba Chaudron, Violet, David and Joyce Ladnier, Darrin and Charlotte Dahlenburg , Bobby Sue Koch and Barrett, Jimmy and Barbara O’Brian, David Reeves, Paul Dagenais, Tracy Metclaf, Walt and Martha Fuller, Bobby Peterson.

Trip to the “Cars of Yesteryear Museum

July 14, 2018   After meeting at 7:00 am Saturday, four cars loaded with Deep South members left for Metairie, Louisiana allowing enough time to have Beignets and coffee at the famous Cafe Du Monde. There we met several Louisiana Antique Car Club members. After a lot of good car stories we proceeded to the Car Museum. What a outstanding collection of rare and exotic automobiles ranging from a Kaiser Darrin to a Bentley Limousine and everything in
between! One of a kind automobiles designed and built for Hollywood Stars as well as last production cars like the Packard/Studebaker Hawk! Before leaving for home we lunched as a group at parrans (Great Louisiana food)! What a great day spent with some of our Deep South Members!

Living Word Car Display

July 22, 2018  Living Word Church first Annual People’s Choice fund raiser for the youth ministry is in the books. Living Word Church car show was Deep South Region’s 4th pop-up car show they supported. Thirty cars and $942.00 raised was the most successful yet. We put donation boxes in front of each car. At one time we were parking cars in two different directions. Seven year old Zackery Dismukes helped tremendously by running back and forth to provide boxes as the cars parked. DSR members present were David Ladnier, David Rooney, Charlotte Dahlenburg, Ross Sloan, Leslie Sellers and Ray Harper. First place People’s Choice Award went to David Rooney with his 1959 Corvette. He was so impressed with Zachery’s hard work that he presented his 1st place trophy to Zachery.

Vinegar Bend

July 28, 2018   DSR members enjoyed a day at Buddy Givens home touring Vinegar Bend Old Town.  Buddy has recreated an old town complete with its own life size railroad.  It is always a treat to see and enjoy Vinegar Bend.

Holy Name of Jesus 2nd Annual Open Car Show

September 8, 2018   Nancy and I had our vehicles at the Holy Name of Jesus Church and were ready to roll. Instead of putting up a tent for shade, for the first time, we rolled out the awning on her “B”. We call it a “B” because it is a class B motor home. It was made in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  (Try saying that three times fast.) The awning worked really well and kept us in shade all day. There were at least 52 cars registered. (We know that because the Cougar was 51 and her vehicle was 52.) I would guess that there were at least 70-80 cars registered. This show was really done very well.  Organized, on time, and well attended. 
I entered the Cougar in the 1961-70 Category. Voting was by People’s Choice. We were pleasantly surprised when they notified us that the Cougar had taken 2nd place in category. We were really surprised to hear my name called again to receive the Best of Show award for the Cougar. The “B” did not win anything, but it does have two First in class trophies from previous shows. – Herb Thoms

Trinity Episcopal Church Display

September 9, 2018   Several members of DSR brought their cars out for display for the Trinity Episcopal Church cars display. Despite the unseasonable hot weather we enjoyed a cloud cover day and lower temperatures.  Not only did we enjoy the many booths to visit but sitting to just visit is always welcome.  New and old members talked about the great stories of past experiences. Members present were: Walt and Martha Fuller, David Ladnier, Tracy Metclaf and Paul Degainas, Bobby Peterson, and new members John and Debbie Bright.

Cruisin’ The Coast 2018

Sept 30 – October 7   Cruisin’ The Coast (CTC) started 22 years ago with approx. 300 Cars and gotten larger every year. This year we had 8444 cars reg. Ray & Katherine Harper have been in CTC from day one. We helped get it started. We run the D’Iberville Site. These were the only states with no cars. ME, VT, SD, WY, NV, & HI. Besides from US states we had Reg Australia, Canada, Germany, & Mexico.  From Alabama 585. There are 11 Car Clubs in CTC. Would like to thank the DSR AACA Club for some members coming and help us at D’Iberville, Site. If you would like to help next year please let me know. If you help at least 8 hours you get a CTC T shirt and we give you a good meal for lunch and show you a good time.  We have DSR Members come by also. We are there 11 days and stay on site with our motor home. This year the Motor Home broke down and we stayed at Scarlet Pearl. – Ray Harper