2019 Events

Party at the Dahlenburg’s

December 20   It was a fun night of the club just getting together and letting loose.  Everybody brought their favorite wine and favorite cheese and just hung out and talked about old cars and Christmas. 
What an great opportunity to see one of the largest Christmas villages along with the many Christmas Trees throughout the entire house.

Christmas Dinner and Award Banquet

December 8, 2019   The Christmas Dinner at the Riverview Hotel was an outstanding event.  The evening started with plenty of time to hangout. 
Soon the food arrived  and Jim Gray asked the blessing.  We enjoyed a nice dinner  .
After dinner we started the awards banquet.  I read the many accomplishments of our club.  What a fantastic club and an amazing list of event that covered every avenue to show off our cars.
There was a short game of trivia. All questions were derived from the roster that everyone receives at the beginning of every year.  After the trivia I thanked each officer and committee chair for their dedications to DSR and gave each one a certificate of appreciation.

Ray Harper presented the restoration award to Walt Fuller. Paul Dagenais presented the Henderson Family Service Award to Martha and Walt Fuller. What a fun night to celebrate the hobby we love. 

Semmes Christmas Parade

December 9  A wonderful day in Semmes, Alabama for their annual Christmas Parade. It was warm weather and a beautiful day. Semmes residents came out in the “hundreds” to attend the Christmas Parade. The highlight of the day was seeing so many young children full of joy and happiness in attendance. The parade ended with Santa Claus on the last float! They were thrilled to say the least. Another highlight was seeing Mike McKinley of One Meal Mobile with his Food Truck filled with “Free” Bar-B-Q ribs for everyone who wanted some. Special thanks to the Deep South Region Car Club folks with their respective antique cars that they are so proud of!

Thanksgiving Dinner

November 21   As usual, the November meeting of the DSR was moved up a week to November 21st to accommodate Thanksgiving. The agenda for the meeting included two important items; the election of the 2020 officers and possibly more important, the Thanksgiving feast. Members had been asked to bring sides while the turkey and ham were excellently prepared by Rheba and Zeno Chaudron. Possibly due to prior conflicts, attendance at the meeting was lower than expected. This meant there was a ton of food for attending members who provided vegetables, salads, bread and several delicious desserts. If anyone was left hungry it was their own fault. Thank you to all who brought items to share.
After the dinner, the election of officers was held with the regular business meeting afterwords. After the regular meeting, results were announced. Congratulations to all elected officers.

Veterans Day Parade

November 11  Many of the Henderson Collection vehicles participated in the largest parade of the Year.  This year we also Honored one of our own as Veteran of the Year. 

Celebrating the Arts

October 11  Downtown Mobile was the place to be!  October Art Walk celebrated Halloween with a Downtown Trick or Treat.  The merchants on Dauphin Street stay open late for Art Walk and were handing out candy to all the kids in costumes.
As you walk down the street you can enjoy the many street bands and musicians.  Dauphin Street was lined with many artists selling their jewelry, paintings, and much more.  As you traveled down the street you came across two very beautiful Model A’s parked outside the Luppercali Art Society Gallery.
To celebrate the Grand Opening, Walt and Martha Fuller and John and Debbie Bright dressed in 1920’s costumes.  In the Gallery’s basement there is a tunnel that was used to get slaves out of Mobile, and later a room was added to the tunnel to make a Speakeasy.  The Speakeasy is a feature of the art gallery.​

Stuffing CTC Bags

September 29   Bag Packing Day for Cruisin’ The Coast 2019.    9000 bags.    Let that sink in for a minute. With over 7000 vehicles pre-registered it takes a lot of planning.  This is one of the events that brings all 11 clubs together that help to host the event.
The Deep South Region has been invited to apply to be one of the 11 clubs that will host the event next year.  Our club as a group did vote to move forward with the application process to become a major part of the event.
Several members took time on Bag Stuffing Day to drive over to D’Iberville, MS and give a hand.  We all met some interesting people that enjoy the same hobby we partake in.
There was around 150 people helping.  

Stars and Stripes Car Show

September 29   The American Legion on Dauphin Island Parkway served as the location for the Stars and Stripes Car Show.  Many DSR members were on hand to help with the event.  Charlotte Dahlenburg ran the registration in Ray Harpers trailer.  Zeno Chaudron was the Chief Judge with David Ladnier, Larry Nelson, Darrin Dahlenburg and David Rooney helping with judging.  Bobby Sue Koch did the announcing.  Many members brought out their cars or came out to help support the event.

Huntsville Road Trip

September 11-13   Early Friday we met at Darrin’s new shop, Ultra Tune Car Care.  We loaded everything in one vehicle and headed to Huntsville.  On the trip up we had the chance to really talk and get to know each other better. 
Susan Bergen, Joyce Ladnier, Darrin Dahlenburg and I laughed all the way to Huntsville.  We arrived with time to unwind and relax before dinner.  We were later joined by Jack and Julie Rogers.
One of the first events on the list was to have dinner with the North Alabama Region.  NAR’s President Nell Owens arranged for as many of the members to join us for dinner as were available. We enjoyed an Italian dinner at Terranova’s in Huntsville.
Darrin and I caught up with friends we were excited to see.  All of us got the chance to make new friends.  Many of the North Alabama Region members will be coming to the 2019 Southeastern Fall Nationals in Mobile. 
Harvest moon when we left the restaurant and headed back to the hotel.  As we arrived at the hotel the Rogers arrived. 
Saturday morning we all had breakfast and headed to the Space and Rocket Center where we met up with David Reeves and our grandson Joshua, aka JBear.  As a treat we had the chance to help David celebrate his birthday.  The Space Center has an outstanding exhibit of the space program.  On display they had everything from the toys inspired by the program from 1945 to present, to actual space rockets and a space shuttle.
We were able to walk through the International Space Station. A short walk over to the Davidson Center we were able to view Von Braun’s office, ride simulators and learned about the space program.  David Reeves pointed out that the desk he has is the same as Von Braun’s.
We managed to make it through most of the museum before it was time to leave.  Because of the rain-mist, the rides were not operating until we after left when the weather cleared.
We took time to go to lunch at the West End Grill and enjoy a local restaurant of Huntsville.  It was a good time to sit and enjoy some lunch and bread pudding before heading out to the mountain to enjoy the Barnett’s collection.
The drive through South Hunstville and up the mountain to Union City was beautiful.  It was a trip back into the country.Upon arrival we were greeted with many of the Barnett’s dogs.   The first moments were about catching up with friends  both the Barnett’s, also Vicki and Art Bolton. 
We all looked through the main barn full of Marmon’s and Chrysler’s along with the Keller. (If you have never seen one you need to attend the 2019 Southeastern National October 26 at Cooper Riverside Park).  Sam and James took the time to tell us about each and every one of them.  We learned a lot of history.
We asked Sam if one of the vehicles was race ready for the Great Race and his response was that we would talk race cars in the next barn.  Each of us really enjoyed the vehicles and the chance to learn something new.
We moved to the restoration barn and found a wide variety of items.  As we moved through the barn we walked back in time finally making it to the piece of most interest to Darrin and Sam, a future race car for the Great Race.
Darrin soon disappeared to the pole barn with Sam.  Watch for these two in the Great Race with Susan and I as the support crew next year.
After a great afternoon at the Barnett’s we enjoyed a dinner with just the DSR members before heading  to the hotel for the night. 
We all spent time together in the lobby because we did not want the day to end.


David Reeves Going Off to School Dinner

September  The Club had a Back To School send off for one of our own. David Reeves is one of our younger members that really loves this old car hobby. We had about 20 members that met at Judy’s Place on an August, Thursday evening for the festivities. He was to head back to School the latter part of August. We will miss him while he’s away.

Good Reason to Cruise-In

September 7  Cars!  Music!  Food!  Friends!  And did I mention Cars?!?!
The First Saturday Cruise-in was held at 5-Guys Burgers at McGowin Park in Mobile.  This Cruise-in is a recurring event every month, hosted by JoJo and the Po-Boys (formerly located at KFC in Tillman’s corner).
Members of DSR took advantage of the casual evening and met up with members of the Mobile Bay Mustang Club and friends.  We walked over to Steak’ n Shake for dinner and laughs.  Afterwards, everyone showed off their cars and set up lawn chairs to enjoy the music and the night air.

Ultra Tune Grand Opening Celebration

August   The Deep South Region helped fellow member Darrin Dahlenburg with the Grand Opening of his new shop.  Many of the members were able to bring your antique car out for display.  Many of the members helped with serving the food and David Ladnier was the chef extraordinaire. Many prizes were given out and Violet Haynes won the grand prize. 

Hot August Night at 5 Guys

August 1  Cruise-In at McGowin Park. There were a bunch of Deep South Region members at the 5-Guys Cruise in at McGowin Park this month.  The weather cooperated and made for a pleasant event.  With so many places to eat to choose from we all choose to eat at 5-Guys. Jo-Jo played some great tunes and we all got a chance to see vehicles that were new to the scene. 

2nd Annual Beauvoir Coastfest Car Show

July 6, 2019   Held on the grounds of Beauvoir, the Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library, Biloxi, MS.

Surge Church 2nd Annual Youth Group Fund Raiser 

June 2, 2019  Surge Church had 28 cars show up for the 2nd Annual Youth Group Fund Raiser. Awards given included People’s Choice 1st 2014 Dodge Challenger, People’s Choice 2nd 1996 Mustang Cobra, People’s Choice 3rd 1954 Ford truck and Kid’s Choice 2004 Mazda Extra 7. David Ladnier, Leslie Sellers and Ross Sloan were at the Surge Church Pop-Up Show.    

Cowboys and Angels Show 

June 1, 2019   Cowboys and Angels Show was Saturday June 1st. Winners were: People’s Choice trophy for cars 1st place 1954 Chevrolet Truck, 2nd 1974 VW Convertible, 3rd 1998 Corvette. Kid’s Choice trophy 1932 Ford Coupe. People’s Choice Motorcycles trophy 1st 2011 Harley, 2nd 2006 Yamaha, 3rd 2008 Honda. Kid’s Choice 2006 Yamaha.


University Oaks Cruise-In Car Display

April 2019  Several members had a good time at University Oaks cruise-in Car Display. Members opened their cars for the residents to explore. The event was a celebration.

Members on PBS

April 2019   PBS TV Journey Proud Season 4 episode 7 has a show about the blessing of the Fleet.  David Ladnier and Zeno Chaudron’s cars are in the show.  Check them out at https://www.pbs.org/video/blessing-of-the-fleet-9rfg4w/

Our Lady of Lourdes Lawn Party

On April 28, 2019 Our Lady of Lourdes held their annual Lawn Party. The event includes a car show with People’s choice. Voting was by donation placed in the box in front of each car. Third place went to a 1934 Ford Pick-up. Second place went to a 1972 Javelin. Then first place went to David Ladnier’s 1964 Ford Galaxie 500. This was the second year with the people voting on the cars. – David Ladnier

Baumhaur Road Baptist Church Cruise-In

April 20, 2019   ,the day before Easter, many club members participated in the Baumhaur Road Baptist Church Cruise- In. The church held their annual Easter egg hunt, fish fry and cruise in as one event. Charlie Lyles and his crew fried fish and his world famous jalapeno hush puppies. The ladies of the church brought their baked goods to sell. With every purchase of a fish dinner you received a ticket. The tickets were placed in a cup. The cup with the most tickets won the trophy. The day was completed with an Easter egg hunt for the kids and plenty of time to hang out and talk about cars.

Two Tours Today

April 13, 2019  Ray Harper and his wife Katherine put together a multi-car club day-tour, in which several clubs from in and around the gulf coast region participated. Participating in the tour were members of the following clubs: Deep South Region of AACA, Mobile Bay Mustang Club, Antique Auto & Engine Club of Mississippi, Gulf Coast Corvette Club, Magnolia Classic Cruisers, British Motor Car Club of New Orleans, South Alabama British Car Club, Old South Car Club, Pharaohs of Alabama and others.

Our day started out at the Henderson Collection of Antique on Highway 90 in Mobile, where visitors were welcomed and encouraged to peruse his visually impressive collection of seventy-eight of his one hundred and ten cars in an equally impressive, well organized facility.o.

Some cars were fully restored; some are simply preserved in original condition. Some were winners of prestigious awards and some were sentimental classics such as his “first  car” the ‘51 ford, of which he has eleven. Also included in his collection is a one of a kind Chrysler Imperial Station Wagon which was made especially for a high ranking Chrysler employee who insisted on having a station wagon, and two “only one in the world” cars; the ‘23 Premiere and a ‘29 Lincoln. It is an awe inspiring collection and certainly does its part in representing automotive history!

After leaving there we progressed to Kraver’s Seafood Restaurant for a delicious lunch and camaraderie with friends who share the same enthusiasm and interest in vintage cars!

The next leg of the journey took us to Buddy Martin’s Vintage Corvette Collection in Semmes, AL. While the two collections are similar, Mr. Martin has put together an impressive collection of vintage Corvettes. The highlight of the collection was a ‘53 which was the first model year for that car. Only three hundred of these cars were produced in that year. His collection spans Corvette production from the beginning to current, with many National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) Top Flight, Bloomington Gold, and Duntov award winners. There is also a collection of other vintage cars as well as an interesting, large collection of scale model cars.With clubs participating from Louisiana to Florida, and 112 people in attendance.

Snow Road Baptist Church Show

April 13, 2019   On April 13th, 2019 the Snow Road First Baptist Church of Semmes, Alabama held its first ever car show. The show was dedicated to the memory of John White. On the way to the show we passed the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Parish. This location is almost within throwing distance of the First Baptist Church. We participated in a car show at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Parish in September of 2018. The weather was threatening all day, but never did turn bad, unlike the thunder storms that rolled through the area early the next morning. It was overcast and windy all day. A casual glance at the sky would cause you to believe that it was going to rain any minute. Fortunately it did not do anything.
The folks who put on the show did a really good job. It was very well done and there were some unusual and first time activities. With your car registration you received a really nice T-shirt, a ticket for a free burger or two hot dogs, chips, a drink, and a chance on one of the door prizes. We have not normally seen live entertainment at car shows. This show was different. During the morning, we were entertained by two very talented female singers. In the afternoon, the entertainment was provided by a “Do Wop” band of 3 guitarists, a sax player, and a very talented lady drummer. Their music was so good that some of the spectators were induced to dance.
There were forty seven cars registered. In addition, there also was a display of several very interesting dune buggies. The cars in attendance ranged from pre-war to the very latest models. Congratulations to the First Baptist Church on a great inaugural car show. We look forward to participating next year.

Camellia Classic

April 6, 2019  The 2019 Camellia Classic, presented by the Mobile Bay Mustang Club, was once again held at beautiful Bellingrath Gardens this April 6. Mother Nature must like vintage cars too because she deferred the rain while the sun peaked in and out,d the temperature couldn’t have been better. All in all, it was a splendid day for a car show on the Great Lawn! The Mustang Club went above and beyond, putting together a well organized show that was very well attended with approximately 200 cars and many spectators.                   The Great Lawn was in Great Shape for parking cars of all descriptions, shapes and colors. Sponsors and vendors were on hand with their brightly colored tents and trailers peppered across the lawn while “The Gardens” offered tasty grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as access to their cafeteria! Event merchandise was also offered at a reasonable price.
Representing the Deep South Region on the Judges Team, donning their red DSR club shirts, were Zeno Chaudron, David Ladnier, Paul Dagenais and David Rooney; each conducting themselves in a professional manner, working in the spirit of cooperation with the Mustang Club Judges! From Deep South Region, first place trophies went to Zeno Chaudron for his ‘69 Camaro Z28, Rob Mortenson for his ‘87 Mercedes SL and David Rooney for his ‘59 Corvette. Susan Bergen took home 2nd Place for her ‘06 Mustang. 
So, after all was said and done, it was a Great Gatsby kind of day, tailor made, for any proper automobile enthusiast!

Backing the Blue

February 9, 2019  Car show to support the family of slain Mobile officer Sean Tuder.  Despite forecasts earlier in the week that predicted possible rain and cold temps, Saturday February Ninth turned out to be a pretty nice day for a car show. This car show, in honor of slain Mobile Police Officer, Sean Tuder, was a fundraiser for his family. All proceeds went directly to the family. (Officer Tuder, thank you for your service and dedication. You were a great officer, and you and your family will be in our prayers.) This car show was a little different. It was, in fact, more like a cruise-in. There were no judges, score sheets, or impressive trophies. The idea here was to provide a tribute to Officer Tuder, raise some money, and give folks a chance to show off their rides. There was food, chicken and pulled pork plates were available for $10 a plate, music, a drawing for a cash prize, and lots of interested spectators. Deep South members attending were Dick Cashdollar and his Corvette, Herb and Nancy Thoms with the “Coug”, and Dave and Patricia Couling with their red Mercury hardtop, David Ladnier was there early with his Ford Galaxy 500 convertible. He handed out flyers for our March show and then left to do the same at another location. Leslie Sellers was there taking pictures.