Ford Anglia

March was a busy month for the Mac family. The Anglia was suffering badly from rot and, being a unibody car with rust a good way through the rear leaf spring supports as well as the support beam between each leaf spring, it was becoming a danger to drive.
Three years ago, I placed an order through Ex-Pressed Steel and waited patiently for the 2 rear leaf spring supports, the support beam between them, the rear valence section under the rear bumper (it was bent from previous wrecks prior to my ownership in my teen years, FYI), the two rear lower quarter panels and both door skins to arrive. Approximately 5 months later, I received the parts and arranged for someone to work on the car.
The Anglia was to be delivered to him on March 28, 2020. But it turns out that was two weeks after Alabama locked down for Covid. It was agreed to wait until all parties knew how this new disease was going to impact the world. 6 months later, though, the gentleman had closed his business and wanted nothing to do with that work anymore. My apologies to all of you for closing not one, but two businesses that would work on car restorations with your budgets in mind.
I finally called Kenny Drake who was able to take the car in early March 2022 and install the parts I had ordered as well as repair a few other needed items within the budget I had. It is nowhere near fully done, but I feel much safer driving the car.
Daniel and I will spend the next few months (years?) working sporadic weekends to do some of the remaining repairs as well as learn how to prep, prime, prep and paint (sand, re-prime to cover mistakes made, re-prep for paint, paint and ad infinitum).