Deana L.

1965 Mustang Convertible

This car was built for me by my Dad, Bill Dobbs.  He bought 13 Mustangs from a man’s field for $250, and he built two coupes and this convertible from those 13 cars.

This car, which my girls and I have named Jeanie Jo, after my mom, has been through a LOT.  It spent years as a daily driver, it went underwater in Hurricane Katrina, and it even took a long drive off a short pier onto the back of a boat when the brakes went out…but that is a story for another day!

She will soon be heading to Enterprise, Mississippi, to Ronnie Goldman for her first full restoration since Daddy finished it in 1990.

Rescued from rotting in a field
Poor little Pony on the back of a boat
in the President Casino Marina - 2004

Since I have two daughters, I knew I had to have two antique cars to leave behind.  The oldest immediately claimed the Mustang, but the youngest was not nearly so put out once I suggested we find a VW camper van.

I found this 1974 VW Bus in November of 2022.  This is a bus out of the factory in Brazil, so it looks much older than 1974.  Brazil did not start building the type-2, bay window buses until 1976.  Many VW purists will turn up their nose at a bus made anywhere but Germany, but a bus built in Brazil, Argentina, or Mexico actually keeps the price reasonable.

While the bus looks good in photos, she does need a restoration, and the plan is to turn her into a Dormobile camper like the one pictured below.

The girls have not given this bus a name, but they are leaning toward naming it after my dad, Billy Leon.  Who says cars have to be girls?

When my parents joined the DSR back in the late 1970’s, we toured in daddy’s newly restored 1931 Model “A” Roadster, now owned by my sister, Debbie.  He believed a car was meant to be driven, and he was never going to have a car he couldn’t enjoy.

Below is a photo of us on one of our early tours in front of the battleship U.S.S. Alabama.  The other photo is very typical of me, under my daddy’s feet wanting to help all the time.  That is the frame for the Model “A” under the little chair we are painting.

Another tour to camp at Paul B. Johnson State Park in Mississippi.