1974 Buick Apollo

My first car was the 1974 Buick Apollo.  The car needed a new engine so I spent time scraping thick oil out of the engine compartment, painting the black motor compartment interior, putting the motor inside, painting valve covers, ….this was my college car.

Every Wednesday while I was at college this guy brought me a fried salmon patty and a mountain dew because he liked my car.  He would read me a new poem he wrote about my plaid pants and complain about whatever was bothering him that day. I think I was the only person that was nice to him. 

My stepdad promise if I did not wreck this car for 5 years he would restore the car for me. Just one month from that date a dog ran out in front of me and I missed the dog but not the telephone pole.

I think he still owes me a restored car!