Clyde and Janet Smith have always had and enjoyed old cars and motorcycles. We had a 40 Ford coupe with a Chrysler hemi engine and a 57 Harley FLH when we were married in 1967.

We acquired our 1957 Thunder Bird in 1972 while living in Boston, Mass. Although it has not been restored, over the years we have repainted it twice, rebuilt the motor, and replaced the transmission and the rearend. It had 41,000 miles on it in 1972 and now has only 53,000 miles on it.

 57_1  57_2


Our 1972 Mustang was purchased in Mobile for our youngest son to drive to school. In 1990 our oldest son, who was in the US Air Force, had the car shipped to England. He enjoyed having a big American classic in the UK for several years. The car even made it to Copenhagen. It returned to the U.S. in 1994. This car was originally sold new in Raleigh NC and was a grey convertible with a 302 V8 and three speed standard shift. Over time we have installed a 351 engine, T-5-5 speed transmission, power disk brakes from a Lincoln Versailles, and replaced the fenders, quarter panels, floors, hood, trunk, and interior.

 72_1  72_2 72_3

Our 93 Cobra was purchased new in 1994 from the Ford dealer in Pascagoula, MS. It was purchased by our oldest son but was acquired by Dad when Jr. wanted a new home instead of a car payment. It is a limited production model. The first year for the Cobras. About 1600 were produced in late 1993.


The white vehicle shown here is a 1995 Mustang Cobra “R”. The Cobra “R” was a limited production model. This car is #88 of only 250 produced. We bought it new as a leftover in 1998 and it has never been titled or registered. Technically it is still new. The 250 produced by Ford were for TransAm racing and were sold on a lottery basis. To qualify for the lottery, you had to have a proven racing program. Treadwell Ford was owned by Dobbs Ford of Memphis who also owned Dobbs Motor Sports. That is how Treadwell and eventually the Smiths acquired the car.