Rear View Mirror

This is the place to share memories, anecdotes, good times and bad, heroes and villains  from their association with the preservation and enjoyment of automotive history.



One of the first car shows we took the Cougar to was during the Fall Festival in Jackson, AL. This was in the early 2000’s. It became very obvious to Nancy and I that one young boy was very interested in and impressed with the Cougar. He asked questions and made several comments complimenting the car. We talked and really enjoyed his company. He asked if we would be coming to the festival and show the next year. By this time I was so impressed with him that I said we would indeed be back and that I would bring him a model of a 68 Cougar. We did attend the show the next year and I did bring him a replica of the 68 Cougar. Forward 15 or so years and we are attending the 2017 Shirley Looney Memorial Car Show at Dauphin Way Baptist Church. A very attractive couple approached us and the young man said, “You probably don’t remember me, but  I remember you and this car. I met you at the Jackson Fall Festival and the next year you gave me a model of your car. I still have that model.” Of course, Nancy and I now remembered and we hugged all around. The young man was at the show with his beautiful 2006 Pontiac GTO and the beautiful young lady who has since become his wife. Tyler is a proud first responder as a member of Semmes Fire and Rescue. We now frequently see each other as we take our cars to shows in the  area. – Herb Thoms


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